Commercial Solar

The challenges that small businesses face is something we can relate to. With the threat of increasing electricity prices installing a “Commercial Solar System” will offer a significant electricity cost saving and also give you a long term investment to ensure that you are minimising your businesses costs and providing more profit back to you.

JCW Solar and Energy in Bunbury are part of JCW Electrical Group and are your trusted and local electrical specialists who assist many local businesses and government departments and relied upon continually for support. Allow us to design a system with our in-depth business energy audit ensuring you get the best return on your investment. Being local and in Bunbury and business, like you, we put our name behind each job to ensure you are supported into the future with your solar investment.

  • High Investment return on investment -R.O.I 3 -5 years
  • Finance options at no more cost than your current bills
  •  Immediate cost savings
  • Make a visual impression to your building
  • Enviable for any future tenants if you are a lessor

If you are tenant of a building no problems, you can sell the system on or relocate to your future premises.
Commercial property owners can also secure long term tenants and make this a great future investment offering you additional income. COmmercial Solar in Bunbury has never been more accessible thanks to JCW Solar and Energy.

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