Residential Solar

With rising electricity prices and Bunbury and the South West having the best climate for solar panel installations why not make the investment for you and your family. JCW  Solar and Energy are local electrical specialists who have the knowledge, products and assurance to help select the best system suited to your home's electricity use. We will offer better solutions for also reducing your electricity usage whilst getting the benefit of harnessing the power form the sun. The South West has a new Solar at JCW Solar and Energy.

Key benefits of installing a residential JCW solar package;

  • Get paid for the electricity you produce and don't need
  • Recover your system cost in as little as 3 years
  • Add value to your home or investment property
  • Protect yourself from rising electricity costs
  • Add a battery storage system to even save more

We will ensure your system is “battery ready” for future conversion as technology shifts lead to pricing reductions.
We will only use proven Tier 1 products on the installation.
You have the option to monitor via Wifi* your electricity consumption and PV production form inside your home.
JCW Solar and Energy are part of the JCW Electrical Group are a respected and honest and company who will always be there for you in the future, we put our name behind it.

*WiFI network strength dependant.

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